Mobile Man Anchors

Roof Safety Co provides a free-standing dead weight anchor system, it is safe affordable and complies with health and safety regulations on flat roof areas.

The system is tested to conform to  EN 795: 2003 Class E, BS 7883 part E and ISO 14567.

This system is also suitable for use with lanyards and energy absorption devices conforming to EN355.



The free-standing fall arrest or fall restraint man anchor system:

  • can be used with majority of PPE
  • is CE approved
  • can be used in dry and wet conditions on all roof surfaces, including a plastic single ply membrane, high performance mineral felt, concrete slabs, asphalt, profile sheeting and stone chippings
  • is a quick and easy alternative to roof edge protection or scaffolding
  • is ideal for short term roof visits or minor repairs
  • is easily manoeuvrable as no component part weights more than 25Kg
  • is fitted with bonded ribbed rubber pads at 90 degrees to each other to prevent movement, provide uniform protection and protect the roof membrane
  • is fitted with an eyebolt attachment with short spacing collar which rotates through 360 degrees allowing the operator freedom of movement around the system.