Demarcation guardrail

Roof Safety Co can provide a system which is of high visibililty and low maintenance. This system will remain in place no matter what the conditions are.

Demarcation is a non-fall arrest product, and is a result of "HS/G-33 Health and Safety in Roofwork 1998". Painted lines on roofs are no longer acceptable as a means of demarcation. Instead a demarcation system should be obvious and should protect above the main roof level, a physical means roof protection needs to be in place.

Roof Safety Co can provide a compact and portable system which can withstand bad weather conditions and winds of up to 105 miles per hour. This system consists of a post which is designed to hold the chain in place and prevents it from detaching. The base foot is made from PVC and the polyethylene chain is linked continuously between the supporting posts.

The length of the system is dependant on the point of entry to the roof and the exit point.The system will provide a continuous safety demarcation barrier, with posts set up to 3m apart.

This is a unique system which can be used in place of a fall arrest system, however the system does need to be placed at least 2 metres from the roof edge. The demarcation system can also be used at ground level for a variety of demarcation requirements such as, trade shows, hotels, castles and machinery demarcation.

Post and Chain Demarcation Guardrail

Demarcation can also be provided in the form of a free-standing balustraded system incorporating double handrails, this system is more suitable where parts of the walkway are close to the roof edge, or the area is a busy thoroughfare.